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8 November 2019

Akropolis joins the Messari Disclosure Registry

26 September 2019

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11 September 2019

A "DAO Renaissance" Begins

24 August 2019

AKRO is now listed on Bittrex International

22 August 2019

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20 August 2019

Quest 3.0 - creative wizards and the road ahead

19 August 2019

Next Stop: Berlin! Meet the Akropolis team at the Berlin Blockchain Week

15 August 2019

AKRO token security Audit by CertiK

7 August 2019

Important Announcement: SCHEDULED token movement

6 August 2019

Akropolis Development Update

30 July 2019

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29 July 2019

Facts and Figures of our Huobi Prime Launch

28 July 2019

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25 July 2019

The AKRO tokenomics 101: Part II - the full scope of the AKRO token model

26 July 2019

The AKRO tokenomics 101: Part I - validation rewards

23 July 2019

BlockVC announces its support for project Akropolis

16 July 2019

Akropolis (AKRO) to launch on Huobi Prime: the why, the how and the what

15 July 2019

Akropolis + Dai: creating safeguards against inflation and economic crises through technology

11 July 2019

Interoperable DeFi: Akropolis, ChainX and Polkadot broadening the spectrum of the new financial system

10 July 2019

Token Metrics, Token Swap Announcement and Instructions

8 July 2019

Building Akropolis on Polkadot? - Pt. I

4 July 2019

Akropolis To Launch On Huobi Prime

2 July 2019

Akropolis launches the first Testnet AFO Governance Module

1 July 2019

Akropolis and ChainX announced partnership

20 June 2019

Quest - Registrations Are Open!

8 June 2019

Explaining Akropolis v0.2

6 June 2019

Ana Andrianova will be speaking and judging at CryptoChicks Hackathon in Toronto

27 May 2019

Akropolis Development update is here, check it out!

21 May 2019

Ana Adrianova will be judging ETHGlobal hakathon in Cape Town

2 April 2019

Akropolis joins Full Node panel on DAO governance and product-market fit

12 March 2019

Akropolis Cashflow Relay wins second place in the 0x + CoinList Hackathon

15 February 2019

Akropolis ships CashflowRelay, built with with 0x and MakerDao and integrates its new financial primitive, Commitments to Future Cashflow

12 February 2019

Former Lehman Brothers Investor Uses Blockchain Technology To Fix Broken Pension System

17 August 2018

3 Mental Shifts You Need to Make to Build a Stable Financial Future in the Gig Economy

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