Decentralized and autonomous community economies

We build products that help people save, grow and scale


Start and scale your for-profit DAO here. Built with OpenZeppelin SDK using Facade pattern for rapid development and freedom to innovate. Monetise your assets and ideas.

For builders

Borrow or Lend

Access under-collateralised loans. Contribute liquidity actively or passively. Get rewarded for risk.

For DeFi curious

Save & Earn

Simple and easy. Connect your monthly check to compound DeFi yields, capital gains* and saver rewards, all in one account. Automated and non-custodial.

For normies

Built with

Built with

Built with

Built with

Benefits and Features


Access the lending market from anywhere around the world


No centralized party to rely on to borrow or lend. Your pension fund cannot be raided, this bank account cannot be closed


Real-time NAV, immutable and auditable lend/borrow/invest transactions 24/7/365

Portable track record

Seamlessly port your track record of contributions and credit to another DAO/LAO/Capital pool


Borrow with little to no collateral, build up your reputation and improve your economics


Connect your debit card

In progress

Crypto/Fiat Payment Gateway

Convenient fiat on/off ramp

In progress

Insurance: NexusMutual/Opyn

Downside protection: depositor protection scheme equivalence using NexusMutual and Opyn


Governance portal

Managing protocol parameters through governance with AKRO token


USDT, USDC, TUSD stablecoins support

Asset universe: enable deposits of USDT, USDC, TUSD


Open source development

During the course of our development, in the absence of developer‑friendly tooling, it became apparent that some of our code and solutions can be productized. We open‑source them as our contribution to the ecosystem.


Platform-as-a-Service for Substrate Nodes

WEB3 Foundation Grant

Cashflow relay

Set up and trade Commitments to Future Cashflows (C2FC), an early DeFi financial primitive equivalent to tokenised cashflow financing

0x+Coinlist Global Hackathon Winner


Pensify is a non-custodial and risk-minimised Pension Fund built on Ethereum blockchain

Hack Money Hackathon Special Prize

Polkahub Bridge

Вridge for self transfers of DAI Token (ERC20) to sDAI (ERC20 representation)

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