Welcome to the pensions deficit crisis.

If you were to spend your time and resources on the most time-sensitive problem that has the largest negative impact on the greatest number of people, regardless of age, race, gender, or location, what would it be?

“I don’t understand pensions. Experts have no clue either.”

Andrew Haldane
Chief Economist, Bank of England

According to The World Economic Forum

48% of the retirement aged population do not receive a pension, and the retirement savings gap globally will grow from $70 trillion in 2015 to $400 trillion by 2050

According to CitiGroup

The average level of unfunded government pension liabilities analyzed in 20 OECD countries is ~190% of GDP, dwarfing the reported amount of all government debt, which totals only 109% of GDP.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

No solution exists within this fundamentally flawed system.

Akropolis is ridding the world of flaws in pension funds with a new immutable and transparent Smart Contract based Pension Fund Infrastructure that will dramatically change the way humanity thinks about saving and investing.

The Akropolis project is building the largest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world. We are creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain, built by and for the people, creating a safer financial future for humanity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve the world's pension deficit problem
We use technology to bring about a more sustainable future and increase resilience in the face of major foreseeable risks
We harness the blockchain and tokenization to create transparency and economic efficiency with minimum leakage
We place control firmly in the hands and to the advantage of our users, over time removing the reliance on third parties

Our Track Record

We have expertise in fund management and pensions, smart contracts, blockchain architecture, asset and service tokenization, and digital identity, and we've worked with some incredible organizations

Our Partners

We are working with some of the best investors and advisors in blockchain

Who We Are

Experienced blockchain and investment management professionals with deep pensions expertise
Our Core Team

Anastasia O. Andrianova

Web3, Lehman Brothers

Sandra Wu

Senior Advisor to the CEO and General Counsel
Mercer Investments, Weil Gotshal,
Kirkland & Ellis, Skadden Arps

Jakub Wojciechowski

Blockchain Architect
Zeppelin, Alice,
Open Reference

David Price

Lead Engineer
Merrill Lynch, Enterprise
Ethereum Alliance

Steven C. Reynolds

Head of Operations
Binance, Grey Chain Capital,
West Point

Peter Robertson

Pensions Lead
30 yrs pensions experience

Aylon Morley

Biz Dev
TechStars, Startup Bootcamp

Victor Wiebe

Solidity Developer, Scrum Master
Our Advisors

Ros Altmann CBE

Pensions Advisor
Former UK Minister of State Department for Work
and Pensions

Marcus Killick OBE

Legal Advisor
ISOLAS, English Barrister
New York State Bar

Saber Aria

Advisor & Investor
BeyondBlocks, Blockchain World Conferences,
Prime Block Capital

Roderik van der Graaf

FinTech Advisor
PE/VC Fund

Ian Grigg

Technical Advisor
EOS, Block.One, R3 Distributed
Ledger Consortium

Prabhakar Reddy

VC and Crypto Advisor
Investor @ Accel, Blockchain Enthusiast, Serial
Entrepreneur, Accel Partners, Harvard Business School

Progress To Date

Project Development
Concept developed, token structure defined, white paper drafting underway
World-class team of cross-disciplinary experts secured, developer recruitment ongoing
User Acquisition
Strategic partnerships pending announcements, target pilot institutions identified
Legal And Finance
Angel round is oversubscribed and closed, token issuance documentation under review
Prototype Development
Design team secured, UI/UX design in progress, prototyping ongoing
Institutional Outreach
Institutional outreach strategy formalized, key senior hires identified


The Akropolis founding team is actively engaged with the leading blockchain and institutional ecosystem players. We’ll be announcing some incredible partnerships soon.


“I first heard about the pension timebomb in 1996 when my professor Jim Ball, closed the semester with a warning that nobody was doing anything about it. Now, more than 20 years later, still nobody is doing anything about it, and we now know that regardless of pension contributions made youth, they are never going to get a pension. This – Akropolis – is the first time I’ve heard anyone come up with a positive, thought-out approach to the pension timebomb. I’m in.”

Ian Grigg

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