Decentralized and autonomous community economies

We build products that help people save, grow and scale

Hackathon winner

Cashflow Relay

Set up and trade Commitments to Future Cashflows (C2FC), a new financial primitive and a DeFi equivalent of cashflow financing (second place winner of the 0x Coinlist Hackathon)

Akropolis Network

Akropolis tokenizes credit unions and allows user groups to get uncollateralized loans, provide capital to pools and earn interest.

An easy-to-use interface for financial operations and decision-making

Early adopter incentives

No counterparties, no geographic limitations. A fair and transparent new way of managing finances. A bonding curve allows early users to earn profit over time.

Automated Treasury functions

Continuous liquidity support. Join when liquidity is low at a discount, take a loan when liquidity is high at a cheaper rate.

Community Scoring

Community voting works as a collateral. Credit Union members act as guarantors.

Join whenever you want, leave whenever you wish

Create savings and lending infrastructure for groups, and access traditional and decentralized finance options without borders or unnecessary fees.

Open source development

During the course of our development, in the absence of developer‑friendly tooling, it became apparent that some of our code and solutions can be productized. We open‑source them as our contribution to the ecosystem.


Platform-as-a-Service for Substrate Nodes.


Вridge for self transfers of DAI Token (ERC20) to sDAI (ERC20 representation).

Partners and friends

Maker DAO
Web3 Foundation
Send Wyre
POA Network
Kenetic Capital
Aurum Law Firm
Messari Cryptoninjas


Catch @Ana_andrianova today at InterCon, a fully virtual conference.

13 March 2020

Akropolis General Update: February 2020

2 March 2020

Dive in! How to test Akropolis Beta

2 March 2020

We presented Polkahub, at the @polkadotnetwork meetup organized during @EthereumDenver

13 February 2020


Messari’s Mainnet
Messari’s Mainnet
Online Conference
1-3 June 2020

Messari’s Mainnet

Future event

Mainnet by Messari is a virtual conference focused on bringing crypto professionals from around the world together to learn, collaborate, and discuss the industry’s greatest opportunities, issues, and solutions, all to advance the development of our global sovereign financial future.

Past event