Unlocking the potential of informal economy with DeFi

We build products that help people save, grow and scale

Hackathon winner

Cashflow Relay

Set up and trade Commitments to Future Cashflows (C2FC), a new financial primitive and a DeFi equivalent of cashflow financing

Akropolis Network

Сreate a savings group with those who you know personally and trust

What you can build

Your own savings circle or a mutual

Сreate and manage community to jointly resolve financial issues, reach savings targets quicker and more reliably, support each other with non-bank credit - all without the need for a central counterparty.

Novel financial instruments

Implement cashflow-based financial products. Create cheaper, faster, transparent financing options with less hidden risk.

Alternative Identity and Credit scoring

Create a financial system where one is missing. Open up non-predatory funding sources for people with no credit score or credit history.

An (un) bank

Create savings and lending infrastructure for Finance 3.0 without borders and unnecessary fees. Integrate DeFi/OpenFinance solutions, build on top, and innovate to create better Finance 3.0

Partners and friends

Maker DAO
Web3 Foundation
Send Wyre
POA Network
Kenetic Capital
Aurum Law Firm
Messari Cryptoninjas


Akropolis reviewed in Coingecko Quarterly Report

8 November 2019

Akropolis joins the Messari Disclosure Registry

26 September 2019

Akropolis Development Update: August 2019

11 September 2019

A "DAO Renaissance" Begins

24 August 2019


KuCoin Global Meetup Russia
KuCoin Global Meetup Russia
18-18 October 2019

KuCoin Global Meetup Russia

Future event

KuCoin will be hosting a Meetup event in Moscow, Russia on October 18, 2019, to share thoughts about new and upcoming blockchain trends and how we will approach these changes. A number of leading blockchain projects will be joining us to share their insights into the blockchain industry. Giveaway activities will also be arranged to reward participants. Join us to get a closer look at the KuCoin Exchange!

Past event
Past event